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# Learn a tune, introduction - FREE Free video

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Thanks to this free lesson, you will learn the musical notes on the keyboard and the teaching method to "Learn a tune". You should watch this essential lesson before watching the other videos from "Learn a tune" section.
Materials attached.

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Difficulty: all levels

# Scottish à Virmoux

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€ 19.90

This traditional French tune allows you to practice the regular 4 wrist strokes. Also, thanks to a second melody you will practice the rhythmic dissociation technique.
Audio materials attached.

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Difficulty: level 3

# Bourrée d'Aurore Sand - with special guest!

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€ 24.90

Levels 1, 2 and 3. This lesson allows you to learn 3 different melodies; one per level. This video is perfect to improve your irregular wrist stoke 4 and rhythmic dissociation between left hand and right hand. Moreover, thanks to our special guest the French bagpiper Rémy Villeneuve, this lesson allows you to play with Rémy's bagpipe and Alexis' hurdry-gurdy. Don't miss it!

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Difficulty: all levels
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