Instrumental technique

# The first meeting with the Hurdy-Gurdy - FREE Free video

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You will learn all the basics about Hurdy-Gurdy; how it works and the names of its different parts. You should watch this first free lesson before starting your training.
Materials attached.

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Difficulty: all levels

# Getting started

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€ 6.90

This lesson come from the video "My first lesson, my first tune". This lesson is for beginners and enthusiastic new hurdy-gurdy players and also for musicians who want real and solid basics.

Difficulty: all levels

# Wrist stroke 1 (Buzz stroke 1)

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€ 9.90

The wrist shot 1 is the first step in wrist shots learning process. Thanks to this essential lesson, you will learn how to realize the wrist stoke 1 (WS1) correctly.

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Difficulty: level 1
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