The Instructor Alexis

A French Hurdy-Gurdy player in USA

Alexis is a French professional hurdy-gurdy player who has lived in the USA (California) since November 2016 after living 4 years in Australia (Victoria). After 10 years of teaching the hurdy-gurdy in France, he has decided to create a website dedicated to the learning of this instrument, to share his passion for the hurdy-gurdy.

Teacher and musician

Stage en Australie

In 1997, under French traditional trainer Laurent Bitaud, Alexis began the hurdy-gurdy at the Conservatorium of Music of Bourges, where he passed his DEM (Diplôme d'Etudes Musicales) and he got a Prix regional (prize) in traditional hurdy-gurdy. In 2002, he was recruited in two schools of music: the Conservatorium of Music of Vierzon where he taught for 10 years and at the School of Music of Argenton-Sur-Creuse as hurdy-gurdy teacher and as a musical theory teacher. As a teacher, he worked alongside with legendary Master class of hurdy-gurdy players from France such as Gilles Chabenat, Isabelle Pignol and Anne-Lise Foy. In 2004, he won the first place (Premier prix solo) as hurdy-gurdy player in solo at the international festival contest Rencontres Internationales de Luthiers et Maîtres sonneurs at La Châtre. Alexis has extended his musical skills from his vast experience as a musician in France and abroad. For example, he had a CD recording with a Japanese hurdy-gurdy player (Akita, Japan), was a composer and musician for the play Un papillon perdu by Jean-Marie Courtois (Rabat, Morocco), and a musician for the play George Sand à l'Assemblée nationale by Jeanne Champagne (Paris, France).

Stage de vielle

With the passion in teaching music, he found his own-company in France to give hurdy-gurdy master classes. After successfully completed his Diplôme d'Etat (DE) de Professeur de musique in May 2011, Alexis was accepted as the Assistant Spécialisé d'Enseignement Artistique (CNFPT) with a score of 18/20, in October 2011.

Online Hurdy-Gurdy lessons, a new project!


Since October 2012, thanks to the and websites, Alexis imparts his pedagogy as a teacher, as well as his hurdy-gurdy culture to all the hurdy-gurdy avid players and fans who wish to learn more. Since October 2012, this project has already attracted more than 100 students over 12 countries.

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