From an internet connection, offers you hurdy-gurdy lessons for all levels thanks to online video tutorials (VOD*). These lessons aim to teach you the playing techniques and the repertoire of this instrument. Moreover, this website offers you a section dedicated to the maintenance of your hurdy-gurdy, also links and free videos about the hurdy-gurdy world in "Extra" tab.


The intuitive functioning of this website does not require particular knowledge. Nevertheless, here is some practical information.

The access to this website is free**. You can search freely all these pages and their contents. You do not need to be registered to view free video lessons, samples from video lessons and all videos in the "Extra" tab. To watch online a full video lesson, first, you have to register you as member and to discharge access rights of the rental. The amount of access rights and the duration of the rental can change according to the kind of the video.

1) To watch online a free video

To watch a video identified as a free video, just click on Bouton lecture below the video to start the loading.

2) To watch online a full video / VOD*

2a- Watch the free sample and read the contents. The amount of the access rights of the video is indicated below it.

2b- After you have made your video choice, click on "Add the full video to my shopping cart". You can add several videos in your shopping cart. Then, click on "Validate cart" to discharge access rights of the rental. Otherwise, you can return to your shopping cart by clicking on the link below the section "My videos" at any time.

2c- After validation of your shopping cart:

c1- If you are already a member: Log in thanks to your login and your password on the right side of the screen.

c2- If you are not yet a member: Fill in the required fields to establish a free user account. Then, click on "Next step".

Check your personal details and the contents of your shopping cart. Then, click on "Next step", to be redirected towards the PayPal secure platform to purchase your cart. Check the amount of your cart on the left side of the screen. Then purchase your cart thanks to your debit card by filling in the required fields (write your phone) on the right side of the screen or thanks to your PayPal account by clicking on "Have you got a PayPal account?". Check your details and click on "Keep on". Your cart is soon validated. You are redirected towards, you have to click on "Confirm the payment" to end the process of the access rights of videos added to your cart. That's all! Now, you can find your videos within the section "My videos" on the right side of the website. To watch online your VOD*, click on the video title, then click on Bouton lecture to start the loading. The access to a video (VOD*) is limited to 45 days (unless otherwise specified stipulated on some videos).

3) To use the Member's area

Only people who have created a user account after rental a VOD* have access to the Member's area. This area includes:

  • Manage my account: this space allows you to change your personal details and your password.
  • History of my videos: this space allows you to see all your videos, being rental or expired. A summary table indicates the video title, the date of the beginning and the end of the rental and the remaining rental term (per day). You can click on a video (being rental) to see the contents. Also, you can purchase again a video which has expired.
  • Log out: This link allows you to disconnect you to your user account.

4) To use the chaptering of videos

Most videos have chapters with tracks as a DVD. You can move from one track to another by clicking on Previous or Next below the video. Click on Next to go to the next track and click on Previous to go to the last track. In the contents, below the video, you can click directly on the track to go to the desired chapter.

5) To use the lesson materials

Sometimes, lesson materials are attached with the video to facilitate the learning. These are included in the price of the video. Downloadable only after you have purchased the video, these lesson materials can be a PDF document or an audio file (Mp3). To download them, you have to go to the link "Downloadable lesson materials" below the video and click on the file what you wish to download.

* VOD : Video On Demand.

** Excluding to internet connection fees.

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