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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register in the «Member's area» to access the website?

No. You do not need to be a member to watch free videos, free samples from lessons and to contact us.

How do I rent my first video lesson?

Click on « Add the full video to my shopping cart » below the free sample. Then, fill in the required fields to establish a free user account and follow the procedure.

Do I need to be a member to rent a video?

Yes. A user account is compulsory to rent videos.

Can I become a member before renting a video?

No. You become a member during the rental of your first video.

Does this website record my bank details during payment?

No. The secure payment is realised thanks to PayPal, so details are not recorded by

Do I receive a DVD when I rent a video on

No. The rental does not include the purchase or sends of a DVD.

After payment, how I do access and watch my video?

When you are log in, click on the title of your video in the «My videos» section. Moreover, you can see all your videos that you have rented in the «History of my videos» section within the «Member's area».

How long do I have access to view my video on after payment?

45 days for most of them. The rental period is indicated before payment. After payment, the remaining rental term of your video is indicated below it and in the «History of my videos» section within the «Member's area».

Do I need to log in to to watch my videos?

Yes. You rent VOD*, so you have to go online on and log in to watch your videos.

How to login to the «Member's area» to watch my videos?

On the right side on the website, in the «Member's area», you have to log in with your login and password created during your first rental on

Can I watch my videos on iPad tablets and Androïd?

No (not yet!).

My video lesson stops during the viewing, what must I do?

This may happen when the Internet connection is too low, but our video reader allows to avoid it. You need to stop the video and wait few seconds during the loading. Then, read the video again.

Is my internet connection sufficient to watch videos on

You need an Internet connection ADSL 2++ to view our videos. You can test your Internet connection by watching the free video lesson "The first meeting with the Hurdy-Gurdy".

* VOD : Video On Demand. Video on demand is a technique for broadcasting digital video content by cable networks, such as the Internet, or unwired networks, such as the third generation telephony.

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